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80s Boogie

80s Boogie

A good DJ’s know exactly what tunes to play to get any party started, and in my experience you can’t fail to get people dancin’ & prancin’ with the post-Disco Boogie tunes produced in the early 80s. Tracks like ‘To Be Real’ by Cheryl Lynn still rock the party some 30 years on.

The producers of the day were introducing the world to new phat electronic sounds, punchy snares and crisp in your face bass kicks, combined with disco strings and soulful vocals it was a recipe for success, and lay the foundations for R&B and house.

In the pre download ere, you could bet your bottom dollar that the most prized record in every DJs box was the 12-inch extended mix of ‘All This Love That I’m Giving’ by Gwen McCrae. That record rocks the party, to this day I still believe its one of the best records of all time. In fact, DJ magazine use to compile a chart of the greatest dance tracks of all time which were suggested by DJs and readers, and I believe that record was in the top ten for over a decade.

Check it out for yourself in the Boogie Down mix, about 53 minuets in.

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