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Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass

It all started with Amen Brother by The Winstons. Lenny D Ice sampled the Amen break for his seminal classic ‘We Are E’ in 1991. When that tune dropped it was pure trouble and bass, it destroyed every dance floor in the UK for a decade after its release.

That tune laid down the winning formula for subsequent producers; A glitched breakbeat, fat sub bass and repetitive vocal sample, Hitch the tempo up past 140 bpm and you had an underground hit. That formula would later be come to know as Drum & Bass.

The first Drum & Bass night I attending was Sunday Roast at Turnmills in Farringdon East London. Back in 1992 Drum & Bass was a bad man ting, full of rude boys and gangsters, not a middle-class white kid in sight. Them early D&B nights were proper scary, the air was thick with the smell of crack cocaine, and there was a constant threat that some lunatic would pull out a gun and shoot up the place because someone stepped on his Airmax 90s.

Back in the early 90s I produced a few Drum & Bass tracks, two of these feature in these mixes; ‘Body Line’ is half way though the ‘Junglist Massive’ mix, and Scorpius ends the ‘Da Lick’ Mix.

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