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Around 2005, my then Girlfriend and I decided to start a club, the night was called 'Hang The DJ.' We were both drawn to this new underground sound that was a fusion of Electro House and Indi Rock called Electroclash.

The night was an instant success, and we regularly pack out venues in Sheffield, Manchester, and London. The hi-energy soundtrack complemented the explosion in legal highs that were popular at the time like 'Meow Meow' and Nitros (Ballons). The kids would lose it on the floor to our gnarly ear bleeding selection; we regularly mixed up grunge classics with techno classics and added a pinch of ironic pop to keep the people who accidently walked into our crazy world sweet.

These mixes capture the wild explosion of guitars turned up to eleven fused with the polyrhythmic synths and pounding beats that became the soundtrack of 'Hang The DJ.'

Dedicated to Alice Electro Baby and The Disco Dolls.

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