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Go-Go Funk

Go-Go Funk

Whilst looking for tunes in Our Price records on Wembley High Rd, I happen across an album called ‘Go-Go Crankin’ the Sound of Washington DC Funk’. I remember thinking what the bloody hell is this, the cover was striking, a huge X through the White House, I flipped it to check the track listing and sleeve notes. I was not familiar with any of the artists and quite intrigued so I asked the guy behind the counter to put it on, he looked at the cover with the same sense of wonder as I did, it was clear he had never heard of Go-Go either.

He dropped the arm on to the grooves and together we waited as the needle popped and crackled its way to the first track ‘Good to Go’. Oh My God, what the funk is this, we both looked at other as if we had found the Holy Grail, Jesus these drums are banging and the horns are simply killing it. My mind was completely blown and I just had to have that record.

There is only one problem with Go-Go Funk, there is just was not enough of it, I only ever managed to find a hand full of twelves and a couple of albums.

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