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Heavy Souls - The best of post 90s Rock 'n' Indie

Heavy Soul - The very best of Post 90s Rock 'n' Indie

Most DJs start out playing student nights, they are a good source of income and are kind of busy and boozy. To be a good student party DJ, you need an eclectic collection to cater for the wide variety of tastes. Given you may play two or three student nights a week, it’s important you find tunes that fill the floor that you like. Otherwise, them gigs will drive you bonkers.

I started playing student nights around 1993 and continued to be booked until 2010 when I hung up my headphones. Over a 17 year period, I amassed one heck of a Rock and Indie collection. These mixes represent the very best of that collection, as you would expect they include all the hits, as well as some of the hidden gems, tucked away on the B-sides and albums I rarely got to play.

Play them loud, get smashed and remember a time when it was oh so simple.

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