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Tales from the Edge of Insanity

Tales from the Edge of Insanity

There is no denying that when under the influence of hallucinogenic substances music stimulates your brain in wondrous ways, and fascinating sounds refract marvellous colours in the cathedral of your mind. However, in my experience I have found that some sounds and production techniques produce better results for the listener than others.

For many years now I have been collecting atmospheric soundscapes, records with repetitive melodic synth lines, weird and wonderfully quirky recordings that illuminate the entombed dark cave where our mind resides with dancing bursts of coloured fractals and blowing waves of tribal fabrics that envelop all. Over the years I have tested and perfected this play list while under the influence to see what effect they have on me and my fellow passengers.

I have now decided to produce this serious of mixes to heighten the hallucinogenic experience and help ferry other minds through the wormhole to other dimensions. Now it’s only fair that I point out I have had many experiences that most people would say were bad or scary. However, I believe you need to face fears and realise that there are no such things as demons or monsters, these are human constructs that educated people needn’t fear.

I accept paranoia is a very real side effect that can be experienced under the influence of psychoactive substances, and any individual who is considering embarking on a journey of self-discovery using them needs to understand that drugs either amplify or dull what you are already feeling. Hallucinogenic substances are amplifiers of emotions and thoughts so if you are feeling happy and content you will be euphoric on them, conversely if you are depressed, lonely or upset you will feel wretched. In addition, I would not recommend taking hallucinogenic substances if you are suffering from any mental illnesses or have a negative self-image.

Warning. I would not advise people who are experimenting with psychoactive substances for the first time to not listen to the following mixes, ‘Dark Matters’, and ‘Songs for the Criminally Insane’ as these have been intentionally recorded for those who are experienced enough to be in control their thoughts even when under the influence of psychedelic substances. Strength of mind takes years of practice to perfect and only with it are you ready to face your personal demons and obtain the perspective that leads towards enlightenment. Once you can embrace that that once terrorised your thoughts, you are able to dance and play in the dark places knowing there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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