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Planeta Brasil

Planeta Brasil

Before living in Sao Paulo, I thought I knew what Brazilian music was. I would go to chic record shops in London and buy compilation albums curated by respected DJs who I thought knew their stuff.

However, when I spoke to my Brazilians friends, they would tell me that the music that I been sold was not very popular in Brazil. So I have been listening to what’s being played in the many bars, clubs, and restaurants in the Sampa. In addition, I have been talking to people about the soundtrack of their lives, to compile a set list for these mixes.

As you would imagine, there are many genres and sub-genres of Brazilian music and to be honest, I am still learning about the music and language so not able to classify everything I hear and create individual mixes for every sub-genre. So these mixes are and eclectic mix of everything I discovered that I liked and wanted to share.

I have decided to create another set of mixes with all the cool new stuff I am still discovering, and will also produce a few Favela Funk mixes when I pluck up the courage to go to a Funk night.

Interestingly I found quite breakbeats, which highlights the lengths some DJs will go to find a killer break. However, I discovered quite a few breaks that had not been sampled so If you are a budding Hip Hop producer I would give these mixes a listen.

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