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Punk Rock -The Anthems

Punk Rock -The Anthems

I am not old enough to have witnessed the Punk Explosion of the late 70s first hand, however the fallout has made a major impact on my life. Before Punk, very few people thought they were talented enough to make records, design clothes or produce art. As soon as we all started seeing our peers run-amuck on stages, catwalks and in well-established art spaces and get away with it, we all realised that we to could do anything our hearts desired in this urban playground, even if we were not very talented.

Music snobs of the day criticised Punk for being too simplistic, referencing the lack of cords or the looseness of the playing. However they miss the fact that at the core of music, art and fashion is the desire to share ideas. I have worked in the advertising industry for many years, and we know the ideas that sell products and are shared organically are the ideas that are simple to mime.

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