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These are Rare Grooves

These Are Rare Grooves

Around late 1986 early 1987, me and a few school friends of mine began going to a wine bar in Acton West London called Oceans. Every Sunday night a few DJs played these chilled out disco grooves, they were soulful, funky, and melodic with grooves to die for. They called it Rare Groove, because of the scarcity of the records and the fact that most of the tracks appeared on obscure disco albums.

It was nearly impossible to find out what the records were called, the DJs used to cover the labels with white labels. No record shops that we knew sold these tunes, and they definitely weren’t being played on Radio. Eventually we discovered the Record Fairs in the Electric Ballroom in Camden London. It took me 15 years to get all the tunes that I heard at Oceans Wine bar, one of the most elusive tracks that I eventually managed to get was Little Beaver, ‘Let the Good Times Roll’, which starts features in the Oceans Soul mix.

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