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Deep 'n' Dirty House

Ricky Chopra

Ricky Chopra has been collecting music since the early 80s, curating the best of what he hears then sequencing the music to produce soundscapes that span musical genres and the vast expanse of time.

After years of perfecting his turntable skills, he left his bedroom and started a three-decade DJ adventure. It all began in the late 80s when he started playing Hip Hop on a Reggae station called ‘Peoples FM’. It’s fair to say he introduced thousands of listeners to the sound of young black America and soon he was in demand, rocking the turntables at underground Blues parties all across North West London.

He was one of the first DJ’s in London dropping House and Techno on his primetime radio show. This catapulted his career, and he became a regular on the Acid House scene, and his claim to fame is he played at the first warehouse party at Lee Film Studios.

His ability to recognise a song that speaks to the e-generation and his mastery of the turntable ensured he obtained residencies at the clubs in London where house music was first played.

He was there just as pioneering UK producers began to fuse House music with Hip Hop Breaks. That’s when he had the idea to sample Reggae bassline and overlay them with Hardcore Hip Hop beats. What started as a gimmick to get noticed in the clubs became a top forty hit on the UK pop charts in 1992 when he released ‘Me Israelites’ a Hardcore mashup of Desmond Dekkas 60s Reggae anthem.

His track became one of the blueprints for subsequent Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass producers, who tapped to the musical heritage of the Caribbean.

Some years later, Ricky became a resident DJ at Gatecrasher, a super club that later became synonymous with Trance Music and a whole generation of kids that considered the club their church and the DJ their god. They later became known as Crasher Kids, and their futuristic outfits have inspired countless clubbers around the world to dress-up for the theatre of dance music.

After ten years touring around the world with Gatecrasher he left to start his own club night called ‘Hang The DJ’. During this time, he returned to music production, producing Electro House and Electro Clash records under numerous guises.

Recently Ricky has begun to produce vibrant synth-lead electronic dance music under his own name. His sound is futuristic, but with a bold new take on influences from his past. His records are complex and complicated, his mastery manipulation of synths can be heard on every record as he blends lush sonic textures with rugged basslines.

Thematically, Ricky is exploiting his musical heritage, drawing on thirty plus years of DJ’ing to extract textures from the past and fuse them with ideas from the present and future.

Ricky Chopra is available for live performances and DJ sets. For more information contact:

Ricky Chopra is available for live performances and DJ sets For more information contact:

Ricky Chopra