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Timeless India

Timeless India

Many moons ago my uncle gave me a CD by Ravi Shankar called 'Portrait Of Genius'. I kind of knew his music through his collaboration with George Harrison and the Beatles but had never really sat a listened to his music before that moment.

I occasionally suffer from bouts of insomnia, and I would often dig out that album when I was unable to sleep or warped up in deep thought. As I listened to the passages of music, with there ever shifting time signatures, my mind would be set free and would wonder to magical and mystical places.

Sat on a dusty old train on the way to the Himalayas, gazing at the lush green landscape and the occasional elephant as we snaked through the countryside of Northern India.

Stood on a rickety old wooden bridge overlooking the raging torrents of crystal clear mountain water begin the long journey to the sea.

Watching the silhouette of people doing Yoga with a golden sunset backdrop while eating freshly cooked and caught fish lovingly prepared by an old fisherman just moments before.

I have subsequently added many more albums to my collection and have produce a few mixes of the best Classical Indian songs from my collection. Hopefully, they will free you mind free as well.

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