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Vintage Bollywood

Vintage Bollywood

When we were kids my dad’s side of the family would come together nearly every weekend, to eat Indian food, drink Black Label, share stories, laugh sometimes cry and always dance to Bollywood songs. Us kids were allowed to play in the backroom or one of the bedrooms unsupervised as long as we behaved, we never did, though.

Occasionally we would be asked to perform for the parents, yeah our family had its own talent show. We would sing or mime to a song, tell a joke or share our good news about grades or sporting achievements. My talent was always breakdancing which was very difficult on bright orange shag pile carpet, vicious burns.

Around that time my Dad had a royal blue ragtop Jaguar XJS, a beautiful car that purred through the night. After the party, me, my sister and mom would fall asleep as my dad drove us home. He would always play his Bollywood tapes and hum, sing and tap along as we drifted in and out of consciousness.

These songs have been burnt into my memory, and until I started curating songs for these mixes I had no idea about the good memories they trigger when I hear them. They remind me of my childhood and all the fun times I had playing with my cousins. Man, I wish life was so simple now.

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