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B-Boy Beats

B-Boy Beats

By the time, we became aware of Hip Hop culture in the UK the fashion, sound, and dance moves were already established and well documented.

We studied films like 'Wild Style', Flashdance and 'Breakdance the movie' and mimicked every aspect of the culture. Most of my friends got breakdancing. You see, turntables and records were expensive and difficult to obtain; rapping required talent which most of us did not have and graffiti was dangerous and illegal. However, that never stopped us trying.

Nearly every day after school, a group of us would head to King Edwards Park in Wembley to practice our body popping, locking, and up-rock, back then very few of us could do headspins, windmills, and knee spins.

The soundtrack of choice for us B-Boys and B-Girls were breakbeats (the instrumental section of a Funk, Soul, Disco or Rock song). This mix celebrates the breakbeats that became the fundamental building blocks of early Hip Hop culture.

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