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For me, the sub-genre R&B diverged from the soul when the artists began to adopt Hip Hop sensabilities, namly sampling phat beats, rapping and scratching. It all started with Swingbeat, and to be honest I was not that into swingbeat at first. It was my sister that started buying Swingbeat records. When she went to school, or out with her friends I would sneak into her room and borrow her records to mix with my Hip Hop tunes.

I remember my school asked me to DJ at the six form party, so I sneakily I borrowed her records, Guy, Mary J Blige, Today and Bell Biv Devoe to name a few. That night I played her records and they rocked the house, well the form room. From that moment I realised I needed more tunes that girls like and the rest as they say is history.

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