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Dub Reggae

Soca Jams

I used to hangout with this guy that lived in a squat in Islington and we used to throw parties there probably once a month. We would play Hop Hop and House till the early morn’. after we were done a few crusty dreads who also lived in the squat would take over the decks and play the best Dub Reggae I ever heard.

These guys had all the albums, I would eagerly listen to their set with pen and pad in hand ready to write down the names of any tracks I wanted. That’s when the fun started, the hunt to find these rare and allusive albums.

My search usually started at Dub Vendor and Hawkeye, then would take me further a field to the many record and tape exchange’s dotted around London.

I will be honest, most of the records on my list alluded me until online music stores came online. I know some think that music downloads have ruined music, I simply love it as now I can get hold of all the record I ever heard and liked.

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