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I think it was after Soulwax’s ‘2 Many DJs’ CD ‘As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 2’ came out that I first heard the term Mashup. Before that we had all been throwing random acapellas and sound bites into our sets, and called it DJ’ing. However Soulwax had mastered the art of splicing and stitching random tracks to create a set that flowed and built with precision. Once we all heard that we all began digging through our dusty vinyl for acapellas and long lost grooves and began to try and emulate their ideas.

It was not until I went to see Soulwax live at Manchester’s Warehouse Project, and I stood watching them for their entire set that I worked out how they did it. They were using Ableton to DJ. I had a copy of Ableton but only used it to make music, I had never tried DJ with it. After that night I switched to DJ’ing with Ableton and have done ever since.

My Mashup mixes express what it is I like about Digital DJ’ing with Ableton, the fact I can make any two records work together and then repeat the mix flawlessly time after time represents a huge leap in musical performance, yes it less about beat matching on the night. However it becomes more about your musical expression without boundaries.

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