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Return to 54 - Disco Infused House

Return To 54

Back in the late 90s I held a residency at the legendary super club, Gatecrasher, which was probably one of the most well known Trance nights in the UK if not the world back then.

Every Saturday two to three thousand revellers would travel from all over the UK and attempt to impress the fastidious door pickers who would turn people away for the slightest fashion fopa. I regularly played in the Plasma Lounge with two other residents, during the first few years we played anything from Big Beat to Old School House. After reading about Studio 54 I decided I wanted to recreate the debouched decadence in Sheffield.

I had no control over the door, nor the decor, however I did control the music for three hours, I began to play more disco infused house and built up my collection of 70s underground disco tracks to give my sets a sense of authenticity. It was a good time for House, it was still underground and producers like Masters at Work and DJ Sneak were banging out killer disco tunes.

The crowd who attended Gatecrasher at that time did not take to the disco sound and I cleared the room for months, and after a few heated discussions with the music director, I was relegated to late set. This was blessing in disguise, as fate would have it the locals began to realise that they could head down to Crasher after the other clubs in the city had finished, and knowing the door team they could easily gain entry.

This new late crowd immediately took to the Disco House sound, and word soon spread, the Plasma Lounge was packed to the rafters with sexy people dancing on the tables and bars. It did not take long for all the other DJS to follow suit and even the music director change tact and he began booking guest DJs like Norman Jay.

The Plasma Lounge became the coolest place to hangout and people would get down early to ensure they were in the room when the Disco dropped. The sound proved so popular Gatecrasher started a new Disco House night at the near by Music Factory called Bed.