After Midnight
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After Midnight - Late Night Jazz

After Midnight

There are nights where I just don’t want to go home, but I’m not in the mood for a sweaty night club or crowded bar. That’s when my friends and I will head into Soho in search of some late night Jazz, in some hidden speakeasy. The heady mix of dark spirits dimly lit rooms and veteran performers is quite intoxicating, and the perfect environment to say nothing or all.

Behind the black doors of London are the veiled establishments, where the eccentric and authentic come together to appreciate excellent music and a rare tipple from the isle of Scotland. The strange and eclectic people who frequent these establishments are only too happy to share their fascinating stories with you, regardless if you wanted them to or not. However, their stories become woven into the fabric of your experience and intertwined with the seductive shuffling Jazz soundtrack.

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