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Roller Disco Breaks

Roller Disco Breaks

I simply love disco and have done all my life. My parents use to have house parties, and all the kids were banished to my bedroom with the coats and a portable black and white TV to keep us quite. However, I was more interested in the ponding bass emanating from the sitting room. I would occasionally sneak downstairs and hide under the stairs, so I hear the tunes and to watch the funny grown-ups dancing.

My dad had quite a good collection of disco records, most of which I later assimilated into my collection. His killer floor filler was ‘Feel Mighty Real’ by Sylvester, a high energy track that was and still is mind-blowing. Sylvester was a gay black transvestite and in the late 70s that was a dangerous combination. Back then society was not very tolerant, overtly prejudice and extremely homophobic. However, Mighty Real was insanely infectious tune that could make even the most racist and homophobic person dance their ass off.

The disco beat united the entire world for a short period, even punk rock bands like Blondie and The Clash jumped on the bandwagon. Eventually, though the bubble burst as people realised that the music they had been enjoying for the last two years originated from the gay scene in New York.

On July 12th, 1979 50,000 baseball fans packed the Comiskey Park baseball park to whiteness a huge pile of disco records be destroyed by explosives, after the explosion the rowdy fans rushed the field in a crazed rage shattering their disco records.

Radio Disc jockeys and club owners proclaimed ‘Disco is dead’, and like that the party was over. However, Disco never died, it just returned to its roots. You can still hear Discos influence today; Disco breaks have been sampled by a myriad of Hip Hop, R&B, Techno and House producers, as you listen to these mixes you will note that most of the records you have liked in the past 40 plus years have sampled Disco records.

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