Disco Freqz

Fanatical funkateers that love to boogie down to that infectious Disco sound.

Their unique, authentic and produce super lush disco infused dance music. Their formula is simple, a solid House four to the floor overlaid with deep disco basslines fused with exquisite vocals samples, uber funky guitars, horns and finger popping percussion.

They're on a mission to move your feet and get you off the wall. They're not complex or complicated, they just wanna have a good time ya’ll.

Even though their not old enough to have been on the underground scene in New York in 1977, they were inspired by the vivid tails of wild abandonment.

Disco gave birth to a new democracy, a secret world built on inclusivity and pleasure. An ethnically and sexually diverse crowd partied through the night to Soul, Funk, Disco and Boogie at legendary clubs like Studio 54 and The Gallery.

Their recreating that vibe by creating disco-infused songs and DJ sets that transport people back to a time when they could act out their fantasies, and desires without fear of judgement.

Disco Music All Life Long.

The Disco Freqz are available for live performances and DJ sets For more information contact: ricky@discofreqz.com

Disco Freqz

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